Welcome to the ancient wisdom of Astrology!

Whether you are a skeptic or have a long and deep relationship with the tradition, astrology can help to guide and clarify your thinking, help you to pose the right questions to ponder, and help you to understand your own Self and meet your Self with compassion and love.  In my experience, Astrological teaching helps us to understand why we act and think the way we do,  and in that understanding, helps us to be more compassionate and kind with each other.

What it doesn’t do, is force us to act in one way or another.  We have great freedom of will, and the freedom to create the life we want, choose or need to live.  

I believe that the greatest gift of Astrology, is helping us to connect with our Soul, and helping us to understand the “why” of it all!  Life isn’t easy, but  figuring out why you are having the experiences you are having, and how these experiences, events, and emotions help to carry you further along in Soul development, is the focus of my practice.  

Peace be with you! 

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