About Me

Education: I have always been interested in how people’s beliefs about their lives, how they answer the question “why?”, shapes their actions.

 I majored in Religious Philosophy as an Honors undergraduate student at the University of Florida and graduated with a BA Summa Cum Laude. I then earned a PhD in Political Science at the University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill.  

Developing a fuller understanding of what motivates people has always informed and supported my quest for wisdom.  I believe that how we perceive the world we live in shapes our understanding of what happens to us.  Therefore, I started my journey by trying to get as much understanding of world cultures, religions, and political structures, as possible.  

My Astrological education started in the family.  My Great Uncle was a published, professional Astrologer in Germany, and for generations, our understanding of life has been shaped through Spiritual and Religious Philosophies.  I include Astrology under this category.  

I obtained certification from the American Federation of Astrologers (AFA).

Consultative Philosophy

 Compassion and understanding are my major goals.  YOU make the decisions in your life.  My role is help you define the questions which are most valuable to your decisions.  

Finding optimal times for you to pursue various activities, and avoiding times during which you’re likely to at your most irritable, irrational, or lazy, is also an important factor in our work together!


from “J” in New York;

Sonja has been writing birth charts and predictions for me and my family for several years with incredible accuracy. Sonja always patiently reviews and thoroughly explains the new annual predictions for everyone with love, honesty and the warmest sense of humor.

from “R” in New York City

Sonja is a gift to all of us. She is exceptionally thorough and approaches you with a compassionate ear. Her readings were spot on in every way. I immediately gifted 3 of my friends a session with her.

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