Many people don’t know how to even begin working with an Astrologer.   So, here is  how to go about it.  All of the following include a 1 hour consultation by phone, skype, Zoom, Facetime, or person to person.  What I need to work up your chart is a Time, Date and place of Birth.  The time really needs to be as accurate as possible.  If you don’t know the time of your birth, there are 3 options:  1.  Do a chart set at noon or midnight.  2.  Rectification:  this is an astrological process which will assess the time of your birth based on important events in your life.  This process is pretty cumbersome and length, so there is a fee involved.  3.  You can have your birth time psychically channelled.

Everything in your life starts with your Natal (Birth) Chart.  I liken it to a syllabus for a college course.  Yes, believe it or not, your Soul agrees to this!  Your gifts, abilities, resources, and challenges are all spelled out in your Natal Chart.  Beyond this,  I believe that your Soul’s Intention is also spelled out.  For example, your Soul may have had a really rough time in a relationship in your past life… you may be back to work on asserting yourself more boldly, or more gently, or more creatively, in your relationships.  There’s always a lesson!

As you grow and change, your chart shows what kind of lessons and tests will continue to come your way, and how you as a person change during your life time.  The amount of information in a chart is truly astonishing!

I think it is best, but it isn’t absolutely necessary, to begin with a Natal Chart.  I work up a completely individualized Natal Chart delineation, which tends to focus on your Spiritual evolution and Soul intention.   The process starts with a personal conversation (if you decide you want to talk).  After this, I write up a report, and give you time to read it.  Then, we set up a time to talk over your questions and thoughts –again, if you want to do that.    $200.00

If you would like a written report of your Natal chart, I am happy to provide that.  These tend to run from 10-20 pages.  These reports take a lot of time, because they come through intuition and insight, as well as a lot of analysis of the mathematical relationships of planets in your chart.  My clients tend to find these very useful, because over the year, they can reread the meaning and intentions of the energies in their charts.  So you work more effectively in your life, with the energies which are highlighted.  (There is a time to sow and a time to reap….”.   The written report can be added to the Natal Report for another $100.

Predictive Charts:  All come with 1 hour consultation

Annual Predictions:  There  are several types of predictive charts.  If you’d like an over view of a year, with monthly synopses, again, totally personalized, the charge is $200.  This is NOT based solely on your Sun sign, but is based on your Natal Chart (whether or not I have done your Natal Chart delineation/report).  This will come in the form of a written report, because the report gives you the best sense of the flow of energy in your life.

A Solar Return:  this covers the period of time from about 2-3 months before your birthday over the next year, and shows where the emphases/energies are in your chart for the upcoming year.  This is a good birthday gift for someone who is new to Astrology.  It is more general, but still very accurate.  $175.   The report for a Solar Return is generally a few pages in length. A one hour consultation is included.

General 1 hour consultation:  $175.   Includes composition of chart, and a  general reading on whatever topics or events you need to discuss.  One hour consultation included.

Ongoing consults:  If you have something really important going on in your life, and you’d like very specific guidance,  we can work together on a personalized package.  For example, if you are choosing wedding date/time, court dates, or surgery dates, we can look very deeply at specific dates and times to choose Your best outcome.  Prices can range from $75 to $200, depending on complexity of subject matter and the time involved. 

Wedding Chart:  This is so important!!!  Because it is so important to choose the right date and time, I attempt to make these as affordable as possible!  $50.  Both party’s Natal Charts will be compared and the best time/date for those you have available for your wedding, will be described.  This does not include a written report of the couple’s natal charts.  One hour consult is included.

Relationship Analysis:  2 Natal Charts, and how they interact.  $400.  Written Report and 1 hour consult included.

Birth Chart Rectification:  If you don’t know your birth time, there are techniques that can be used to figure it out, based on specific important events in your life.  I can work on these techniques with you, or I can refer you to a colleague, a Psychic, who can also help you.  This can range from $100 to $150, depending on required time.  

I am always willing to personalize a session for your particular needs.


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