2019 Eclipse Cycle

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2019 Eclipse Lunations
Sonja Elison
Jan 4, 2019

The Eclipse lunations of 2019 seem to me to be telling quite a significant story of our journey here on Earth. I have been inspired by the pictures that I see in them, to write up a story of what I believe their overall message is.
To recap just a bit, a Full Moon represents the Harvest, the culmination, and is quite powerful, generally for about a month. You will often feel the energy 2 or 3 days prior to the actual Full Moon. A New Moon represents a new beginning or new chapter in life. When they occur in your chart, there will be a new chapter unfolding in that particular area of life. To give a very simple example, if a New Moon were to occur on one of your Natal Planets in the 2nd house, that would indicate a new “paycheck”. Either your job would change, or your employer, or how you earn your daily bread. Similar to Full Moons, New moons last about a month.

Eclipses are intensifications of the energy of Full and New Moons. Given the above example, if a Solar Eclipse were to occur on a natal planet in your 2nd house, it would likely mean a new paycheck because of a new identity. Perhaps you would go from being a student to a professional, or quit a corporate job to become an artist or farmer. The change is quite significant. The energy of Eclipses last for about a year. Their strength also varies depending on whether you are in their shadow, physically. The Solar Eclipse of Jan 5, 2019, will not be as strong as the Eclipse we experienced in August of 2016 (which brought us President Trump), because it will not be visible from the continental U.S. The Lunar Eclipse of Jan 21, 2019 (Full Moon) will be visible from the entire U.S., and so will be quite powerful.

Jan. 5th Solar Eclipse: 8:28 pm New York, NY (or Washington, DC)
Just in case you haven’t noticed, all of our structures of social authority are under great pressure! The Astrological reason for this is that Pluto, the ruler of the Underworld, is in Capricorn, which rules the structures of power and authority in society. Today, we have a New Moon (beginnings) in Capricorn. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, (for which I couldn’t blame you) you’ll have noticed that we have a very new House of Representatives, which actually does look more “representative”. So much for the set up.
The Eclipse takes place at 15 Capricorn, which is the absolute top of a zodiac chart! Think of it as the single degree which is closest to the heavens.
In the chart drawn for the exact time of the Eclipse, The 5th house of creativity is populated by the many planets which are clumped together with the Eclipse. Because there are also several of the 5th Dimensional (New Age) planets involved, I believe that they are cooperating in the message which is coming from the heavens now.
Let’s just start with the New Moon at 15 Capricorn. This is a signal that we are beginning a new period with respect to our relationship with the Divine. Capricorn, being the sign of responsibility, emphasizes the need for us to take responsibility for our part in the relationship. Please allow your mind to expand on these thoughts as you read or hear this. The New Moon is side by side (Astrological term: conjunct), both Pluto and Saturn, the heavyweights of the Zodiac. This tells me that the old order is being destroyed (Pluto) and stern justice is about to follow, courtesy of Saturn. I like to call Saturn the “schoolmaster” in the tradition of the no-nonsense English boarding school! He metes out justice, but sometimes also reward!
These planets are also conjunct Mercury, indicating that there will a lot of news, communication, about the justice which will be handed down to those who have abused power. This is a very powerful time of judgment! The South Node is leading the conjunction of these 7 planets! The South node represents our past, and so, this is definitely showing us that our Egoistic ways which we have followed, are going to be judged. Chariklo, a 5th dimensional planet, is also right in there, showing that now is the time to focus on our relationship with the Divine. We benefit from devotion and from looking beyond the veil. Chariklo is associated with those who “see” more than just the material dimension. This can be the beginning of a truly wonderfully creative time, especially for anyone with planets around 19 Capricorn (give or take about 3 degrees). One’s vision can truly become eternal and limitless. Chariklo is a close friend of wisdom. Creativity, compassion, tenderness, service, vision are all attributes which are highlighted now, and through which we can cross to a new life.
Approaching this powerful conjunction, is Mercury/Pholus at 1 Capricorn. Pholus, again, is a 5th dimensional body, which is associated with earthly sacrifice in order to attain the Divine. In conjunction with Mercury, I see at least 2 manifestations. First, those who maintain a focus on the darker attributes of the Egoistic Self, such as greed, desire for power, revenge, and deception, will be subjected to a great deal of media attention, and soon, legal judgment.
The other manifestation is a bridge to crossing over to multidimensional sight. There is energy involved here with leaving the purely rational and purely material behind, in order to incorporate the ability for sacred vision and sacred being. This doesn’t come without work, sacrifice, or consciousness, however.
Many of us have been through a lot in the last several years, as witnessed by the square to Uranus in Aries, which is now waning (moving out of the energy field). I feel like the square to Uranus is showing that we are in the last stages of the birth pains of waking up to our new lives. There will still be some rattling and chaos brought about through the Uranian energy of rebirth and illumination.
The opportunity of the current time is shown by the sextile to Neptune. Compassion, love, connection with others, are avenues for us to complete this transition. Neptune is the planet of the Divine, of artistic creativity, and in this chart, the way forward is clearly shown as being through our connection with others. Can we sacrifice our individualistic ways to be kind to others? Can we willingly make the sacrifice to pay more taxes that those in need can have health care? Can we make the transition from “this is mine” to “this is ours”, as long as we respect and revere the gifts we are given?
Finally, although there is a concentration of power in Capricorn, and rather few aspects, which show how the energy will manifest, the overall chart speaks to me of a new relationship with Gaia, Mother Earth. An opposition of Mars in Aries to Haumea in Libra, speaks to me of learning a new and deeper reverence for the Divinity within creation. Valuing all life as sacred, may help us on our journey “home”.
How strongly, and in what area of your life you will feel this energy, will depend on your personal chart. If you have Capricorn rising, for instance, you’re likely to feel a great transformation in your personality. On a larger scale, we’ll all be subject to the energy, as we are all subject to the “zeitgeist” of our times.

While this New Moon picture is one of great promise for new beginnings, and to me, looks like there is actually a light at the end of the tunnel (!), Pluto and Saturn will travel through Capricorn for the next two years. As most of you women know, sometimes the labor associated with childbirth is longer and sometimes it is shorter…,but it tends to feel long when you’re in the middle of it! It looks to me like we are nearing the end of labor, getting to the “PUSH” phase!

Full Moon in Leo of Jan 21, 2019; Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse tends to be more about soulfulness and the emotional, than the Solar Eclipse. Given the entirety of this story, I think that the Lunar Eclipse is inviting us to watch our reactions to the proceedings, and suggesting that we react with generosity, and creativity. The Moon is in Leo at 0’-an extremely creative point in the Zodiac. We have had several very important Eclipses in Leo over the past few years, and this one, occurring at 0 Leo, speaks to me of a fresh start in our story.
The clump of planets we saw in the Solar Eclipse a few weeks ago, is now in the 3rd house of community, communications, and news . Saturn, Chariklo, Pluto, and Mercury are still in Capricorn, along with the South Node, while the Sun is at 0 Aquarius. This indicates that the apex of planetary energy is shifting to the local level.
As Mercury, the planet of mind and communication is now past all the other heavyweight planets, I am hoping this indicates that the news is all out now! We will have thought about what we’ve learned, and hopefully, come to a conclusion which will combine rationality with compassion, as is the case with Aquarius, where the Sun has now arrived. The Sun, the locus of our life energy is now in Aquarius!
This Eclipse has a very positive and forward looking tone to it, with all the fire energy it contains. However, it is not a frivolous chart. It appears that some serious consideration of how we’ve been acting in our society is called for. Almost all of the planets are located below the horizon, so the time for introspection is here.
This is an excellent time for action, as Venus is now conjunct with Jupiter in Jupiter’s own sign of Sagittarius, and in a wonderful trine to Mars, also in its own sign of Aries. The planets are able to express their own energy most purely and easily in their own home signs. Just any action is not favored however, as Saturn also squares Mars. One aspect favors successful action and the other discourages it! How to make sense of this?
The square from Saturn in Capricorn to Mars in Aries discourages hasty and impulsive action, or premature judgement. Whereas the trine from Venus/Jupiter to Mars encourages broadminded and openhearted action.
This is really one of those Eclipses which shows how much our free will does affect how we experience the energies around us! Adding to this, Neptune’s square to Jupiter and Venus warns that we could be deceived. Neptune in Pisces in the 4th house suggests that if we get lazy, if we relapse into putting our own comfort above the needs of society, we could be tricked into making sacrifices which actually prolong the current era of deception. This is always the temptation of Leo: having fun no matter the cost.
The Leo New Moon, especially given the fact that it is an Eclipse, and it does cover the U.S., encourages us to be warm-hearted and generous. It calls out for our leadership in the world, but for a leadership which is noble and worthy. In the best of all scenarios, we may find that the U.S. is remembering its founding intention to be a trusted and true Ally to its friends and protector of those who are weaker in the world.
I don’t know if we dare to hope that the new beginning we saw promised on January 5th, has already come to realization. It does appear that a new day has dawned. It looks like humanity is becoming more humane. Thank Heavens!

New Moon/Solar Eclipse July 2, 3:17 pm
Decision Time: 3rd or 5th Dimension?

A new Moon in Cancer is just what we need, here in the U.S. As you can see from the fact that it falls 2 days before the 4th, this New Moon is right on top of the U.S. Sun. Just what we need! A reboot! In computer talk, you know of course that if the machine has gone crazy and nothing is acting right, you shut it down and “reboot” it.
This New Moon looks like an opportunity to do just that. Venus, the Sun, Moon, North Node and Mars and Mercury are all in conjunction. Strangely enouogh, all these planets in this Eclipse, are also covering the many planets the U.S. has in Cancer, indicating that our Cosmic schoolmaster is demanding that we pay attention!
In opposition to these planets, is Saturn and Pluto, up there in Capricorn! There couldn’t be a chart with a more clear indicator that the U.S. has a choice to make! Stay in the rut of corruption and the status quo, or reboot! It is our choice!
As if to underscore the blunt and clear message, the North Node is exactly in opposition to Saturn. Remember, Saturn the schoolmaster? The North Node is the direction we need to move in, and an opposition describes a decision. Neptune, most simply put, represents God, or the spiritual Path. In this chart, Neptune is the resolution of the Opposition, or decision. Not hard to interpret: Choose the compassionate Path and evolution should continue fairly smoothly.

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