Full Moon June 2019

Full Moon 

June 17 2019

by:  Sonja Elison

The Strawberry Full Moon of June is going to continue the cleansing of our Spirits, mainly through focusing our attention on our Minds and Expectations, especially in terms of attitudes toward our closest relationships.  While the Full Moon is in conjunction with Jupiter, the planet of happiness and abundance, and is quite strong, because it is in its own sign of Sagittarius, it is being mightily challenged by Neptune, also in its own sign of Pisces.  This is IMPORTANT!  Think about your expectations of others with whom you have relationships…..are your expectations realistic?  Are you willing to put the work in to make your spouse, your Mother, your friend, or your kids happy and fulfilled?  With Neptune in square to Jupiter (and the Full Moon), we really have to check our emotional BALANCE! 

The phrase which I think captures the entry of the Full Moon, is “Happiness is your choice to make”.  It is not going to be easy, as nothing in life worth having is easy.  The message is clear that it will take work and determination to achieve the goal of whatever, we we define as “happiness”.  With the Moon and Jupiter in the 7th house of relationships, but in opposition to Venus in Gemini, there will be a lot of thinking about whether the relationships we are in are the ones which serve us best.  It is helpful to realize that with Venus in Gemini, the dilemma is generally that we can’t figure out what we want!  So there will be some thinking and indecision regarding what we want out of relationships.  

With the Sun also in Gemini, the theme of thinking about what we want and who we are is again emphasized.  Remember that the Moon reflects the Sun’s light, and the emotional state of happiness and fulfillment is now dependent on being centered in knowing who we are, and what we really desire. 

Another part of the energy which is flowing right now, involves the Mercury/Mars North Node conjunction in Cancer, which is opposite the Pluto/Saturn/South Node conjunction in Capricorn.  I’m not sure how to spell it, but “oy vey”!  With Mercury/Mars in Cancer, the energy of being irritable and focused on one’s own security is intense!  The wounds of insecurity from childhood and the past are all getting salt rubbed in them now!  Have you been feeling super-irritable and uncared for lately?  And you don’t really know why?  I know I have felt this energy.  Spirit has said (through Melissa) that the deepest rooted weeds necessitate the hardest pull.  I feel like this Moon, the last before the New Moon Eclipse on July 2, 2019, is pulling those deeply rooted weeds.  So, yes, if you are feeling this, you are probably feeling very uncomfortable and insecure.  

What the Full Moon chart shows as the resolution to this tension, is Neptune.  That means that some will find ways of escaping the discomfort, and this may involve drugs, alcohol, travel (just escaping the situation), or fantasies about some other person out there who may be better for us.  The best use of this very strong Neptune energy is to express it spiritually or through creativity.   Having a spiritual practice through which you can re-center, and sift through the emotions, will definitely help.  Expressing the Neptune energy through creative and imaginative projects will also funnel that energy, which can otherwise be confusing.  

There is opportunity now, however, to work through this very upsetting personal energy, by working at achieving one’s dreams through structure (practice) and faithfulness to an ideal.  It is important, with all this confusion, destruction of the old, and personal indecision, to find an anchor, and hold on tight!    

It is hard enough to stay balanced within yourself, but when you enter a relationship, there is a great deal of balancing going on!  If you can recognize your own inner insecurities, which may come out in anger, and put those in a box, It would be a good time to try to talk to partners in a calm and open manner, about expectations…yours, theirs and other’s!  Jupiter square Neptune is very often about disappointment….but can you be disappointed if your keep your expectations in check, and practice gratitude for every gift you receive?  Love conquers all, and the desire to love your partner can enhance the comfort you give each other, if you both agree to focus on your love rather than your needs.  But now, this decision must be taken consciously, because the energy will not flow easily and naturally.  This is work.  

Another pattern of energy which shows up in the chart, comes from Uranus in Taurus.  We are all used to Uranus energy blowing up our social connections, as it has been in Aries for 7 year.  But now, there is a different flavor to that energy.  A day or two after the Full Moon,  when the Moon enters Capricorn, we may find some illuminati or insight about the value of our relationships and the structures we have depended on.  The important thing I see in this position of Uranus, is that grounding ourselves to Mother Earth can be essential to finding our emotional balance.  So, breathe in the fresh air, take a walk, dig your toes into the sand, breathe again!  Doesn’t it make you feel better just to imagine your toes digging into the sand by the seashore?  Or the soft padding of pine needles in the forest?  

Jupiter and Neptune are also both about Faith, in their own ways.  If you dwell in a place where you really trust Spirit, the Universe, Source, that everything that happens is right for you, can you be disappointed in what comes into your life?  We have come to think of Jupiter as “Santa Claus” bringing toys, happiness and everything good.  But expecting to be be happy and comfortable and blessed with gifts always, denies the fundamental fact that without experiencing challenges and pain in our lives, we are not growing, and can be of no use to anyone else!  Imagine being a therapist who has never experienced suffering!  How could she relate to her patient?  Could she give comfort to someone who is in pain?  

The phrase about Chiron comes to mind.  “The gift is in the wound”.  I know this is hard to wrap your arms around, but we are here on Earth, in the end, to grow our Souls, and to have new experiences, both good and bad, and above all, to love one another.  Especially when its hard!  And yes, it is hard for me too!  I’m picturing a certain Orange person in my mind, as I write this!  Life continues to bring change, the old dies off, and the new breaks through.  The energy this month is nagging, irritating, willful, and sometimes self-centered.  How do we all, individually change that to a more constructive energy? 

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