New Moon July 31, 2019


A New Moon of Creativity


Sonja Elison

Today, this evening to be exact, is the New Moon, the second for July 2019.  Although I usually write for the Full Moon, I felt the need to acknowledge this lunation, because of the power of the last Full Moon and the potential of this New Moon.  

If you have felt this past 2 weeks, that the Universe has darkened a bit, that some metaphorical mud has come into your life, that has been the power of the Full Moon from July 16.  Added to the emotional difficulty of the past Full Moon has been a Mercury retrograde, going back into Cancer.  Have you had family or home issues to deal with, which you thought were resolved, or didn’t even know needed resolution?  I know, I have been made aware of quite a number of passages from this life to the next.  

So, what does this new lunation portend?  How will the energy shift?  Mercury is now stationing (standing still) at the very degree of the Full Moon/Eclipse of July 16.  That makes Mercury quite strong, and indicates that we need to be thinking about our wounds, particularly those from childhood and family, and trying to transform our perspectives.  To be blunt, think about changing the “poor me” monologue which may be coming up in your head, to a monologue of gratitude!  The message of this New Moon, which is a new cycle, a time of new beginnings, is to think about and create what you want to manifest, going forward.  If your mind stays in the past, you’ll stay in the past!

This New Moon is in Leo, and as such, is calling to us to be creative and joyful and generous!  The creativity that you now bring into the world, is likely to be quite spontaneous, original and surprising.  With a close square to Uranus, the planet of inspiration, of genius, of nonconformity, you may find yourself blazing a very unique and new trail!  It is not likely to fall into your lap without effort or thought or intention, but it is likely to appear in your life and make you take notice!  This very individualistic and creative energy may bubble up in a surprising way, as a determination to follow your own intuition, and to refuse to conform to other’s ideas of what’s right for you.  

This energy will be strengthening over the next two weeks, as we head to the time of the Full Moon in mid-August. 

Another facet of this energy, which we have been seeing in the discussions between the Democratic candidates, concerns our attitudes toward Mother Earth.  The planet of the Hawaiian Goddess of Fertility, Haumea, is also quite strong, and participating in the transformational changes in our social structures!  Who could argue against the idea that Mother Earth is demanding that we pay attention to her and stop using her in such thoughtless ways?!  

Watching some of the documentaries about Space flight which have been airing lately, it is captivating to hear the astronauts who left Earth, talk about what a heavenly, supportive and nourishing place the Earth actually is, for humanity.  Perhaps we should be grateful for this nourishing womb, rather than seeking to tear it to shreds?  Just a thought!  

Peace, joy, love and blessings to you all!

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