Full Moon Sept 14 2019


September 14 2019

00:32 am

Washington, DC


Sonja Elison

This is another intense Full Moon!  This Pisces Moon takes place at 21 Pisces, and will be in conjunction with Neptune.  When the Moon and Neptune are together like this, you can expect a very emotional, spiritual, and/or artistic time.  This can be a good time for daydreaming and imagination, and for those of you who are spiritually inclined, the Veil will be extraordinarily thin.  Dreams will be another avenue of receiving messages from Spirit.  For the creatively inclined, musical expression can be exceptionally emotional and expressive.

The most noticeable tension in the chart is between reality and fantasy, or between the earthly and the spiritual.  During this Full Moon, transitions between the daily work grind and the sublime can occur more easily than usual.  One must also, however, be careful that the plunge from Divine to Ordinary does not overwhelm the sensibilities.  Balance is always a good thing!

Artistic, creative, spiritual expression can help to be transformative at this time, for there are certainly going to be challenges which come to light now!

The emotional/spiritual and creative faculties are in a stressful aspect to the energies of everyday life.  Watch out for impatience.  Aggression  can also be high, especially if a person’s desires aren’t met.  Those around you may insist on having their way, no matter the cost.  

With so many planets in Mutable signs, there is a good bit of energy for adjustment, and when fantasies or dreams are disappointed, there may be a need for that more amenable attitude!.  The less desirable forms of expression of this energy might be seen in deceitful actions.  A Neptune/Mars opposition also indicates tension between taking action and being dreamy and lazy.  The outcome of these energies can be quite nasty, and include food poisoning, allergic reactions to pharmaceuticals, or other drugs, and other illnesses of the Mind and/or Body.  It would be wonderful if during this Full Moon, drinking would be avoided!  Wonderful, but not likely.

While we are now in a phase of thinking very subjectively about our world, our desires and our capabilities, we may be moved toward improving ourselves  and our world.  Virgo, where all the inner planets are now, is the sign of criticism, judgment and discernment.  This is a time for making strides in self-improvement, in understanding where we may be coming up short in our daily lives.  With the power of Pluto flowing easily to help us to understand motivations and deep needs, we can think about our experiences as of late, and judge whether we have adopted a helpful attitude, or been self-absorbed when others needed our help.  Virgo is naturally inclined toward helping others, especially when self-doubt and criticism doesn’t overwhelm her.

There is some resolution of the oppositional energy through the harsh energies of Pluto and Saturn.  When these energies of endings are able to perform their functions, however, they can help us to move to a different, higher reality.  This is very powerful energy, though, and can be manifested as forceful power over others, whether that power is wielded through the law, or through emotional or physical persuasion.  It is important during this Full Moon to take a measured approach to how we change our lives.  The transformational energy of Saturn/Pluto in this chart, can be fast and ruthless.  Combined with self-deprecation, you can imagine that the energy for self-harm is somewhat exaggerated.  

We need to remember that the Universe is kind and forgiving, and use the Moon’s Piscean energy of compassion and forgiveness, even with ourselves!  

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