Full Moon Nov 12, 2019

By Sonja Elison


When I looked at the Full Moon for November, I was hoping that there would be a lessening of the tension that we felt in the New Moon of 27 October.  Well, let’s just say Frodo hasn’t thrown the Ring into the Fires of Mordor yet!  Sorry!

There is some good news though!  The Moon, which represents our emotional  body and foundations, is very happy in its current spot in Taurus.  Further, it is in an exact  (in astrology speak, this means that the energy is much stronger), conjunction with both  Vesta and the Part of Fortune, right on the Descendent.  Translated, this means that there is great support for us, when we meditate, commune with Mother Earth, and enjoy with gratitude the beauty of Nature.  I think there is also great support for group meditation practices, or for any sort of group which  comes together  with the purpose of  gratitude, centering, and transformation.

In fact,  every planetary object in the  Zodiac is connected to the Full Moon,  making this  FM a very potent time for transforming our Earth, our Karms, and our personal viewpoints.  So the message which I see very clearly is to focus  on your own emotional body  and your Consciousness.  The energy for  transforming both the emotional and mental bodies is great now, and the  potential for lifting the group and personal consciousness is highly energized.  It will grow in the coming period as well.  

All of this is taking place during a time which will be challenging for those  of us who survey the  turmoil, the battles and the suffering around us, however.  There is likely to continue to be further contention, power battles, and massive unrest.  Beware of the energy of the Ego this month.  There is also very strong individualistic energy,  which can erupt in a surprising and outspoken ways.  The individualistic philosophy which encourages us to  follow our  own will, can rationalize that action by tempting us to think that because we are so special, we are not subject to the laws and constraints which govern others.  For example, the news that Mr. Bloomberg may run for President, strikes me as a good example of the conviction that the individual who wants to do something,  has  every right to do it.  While this is in genral, a valuable idea, which leads to great creativity, what I see in the chart, is that we need to  balance our own individual desires with the consideration of the greater good.  With regard to Mr. Bloomberg, he stated that he regretted not running in  2016, because he felt that he would have been a better President than Mr. Trump.  Ok, regardless of how you feel about either man,  the reasoning takes into account the  Public Good.  This time, there Is much talk about his age (77) and that it may  be his last chance.  This reasoning puts greater weight on his own desires, thus supporting his own Ego above considerations of the Public Good.  

Whether you care about Mr. Bloomberg or not, I  hope the example shows the tension which  is at play between one’s own Ego and thoughts of collective Good and Progress.  This type of tension is highlighted in the chart.  There is obviously no easy answer….without  a strong Ego, no one could run for President.  The imperative however, is to keep in mind, the effect of one’s own actions on the Common Good.  

To bring this rather philosophical level of the discussion down to personal everyday life, the warning in the chart is to try to broaden your perspective when dealing with others.  Be careful of eruptions of Ego in relationships. Keeping an enlightened  perspective can allow us to balance these tensions and move forward in very progressive and enlightened ways.  It is likely  that we’ll see  both manifestations of this energy.  

In short, tempers can be short-fused  this month, but the possibility of great progress also exists.  

One last warning this month  is about over-indulgence.  This is not by  any means the strongest energy, but it is worth mentioning, because we do tend, during this time of year, to look back at our actions, like on  Black Friday, and think, “well maybe I got carried away”.  On a societal level, the warning extends to credit card Fraud, and other types of financial shenanigans.  

Maintain your Center, stay balanced, and this month can be extraordinary!

Blessings and best of luck!

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