Full Moon March 2020 and: what the heck?

by Sonja Elison

I’d  like to begin by introducing  the Cosmic Picture for this year.  There is a tremendous amount of energy in the heavens at this time, and Astrologers are all observing the planetary movements with great curiosity.  We are all reminding ourselves  that “what will be will be, and it is perfect as it is”.  To be more specific, the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is a time of huge social change which humanity hasn’t experienced since the time Luther nailed the 13 Theses to the Church door in Wittenberg.  Yes, the Protestant reformation!  Before that, it was the fall of the Roman Empire.  So, this is a time of very dramatic change in the history of the human species.  

We have quite a few planetary signatures for chaotic conditions, as we all collectively give birth to this new time/era.  In many different ways, we are in the   birth canal of the Aquarian Age.  From the heavenly perspective, Saturn and Pluto are now ushering out the old customs, structures, and ways of thinking.  The years 2019 and 2020 have been very important for allowing us to see what is decayed and what needs to be let go.  We have seen decay and corruption in institutions like government, financial, religious, and even civil society.  We are learning at a breakneck speed, that what we thought we knew, what we thought  we could count on, is no longer as resilient and safe as we had thought.

What brings in the new Age are Saturn and Pluto, which are both moving into Aquarius, from Capricorn.  Saturn will actually be at 0 Aquarius at the March New Moon on 31 March.  And, as you probably know by now, the New Moon brings in whatever is culminating at the Full Moon!

Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions.  They will happen several times this year: April 4, June 30, November 12, and December 21.  These periods will bring in huge potential for expansion and spiritual growth.  This is the kind of energy which transcends physical boundaries.  See if you   have dreams of flying during these times!  What you also will notice, is that these  periods coincide with equinoxes, and solstices.  So, very powerful energetically!

Because we are collectively leaving much karma behind, as well as many structures which we have grown used to, and are now embarking on new,  freer life paths,  many of us will be making choices which are somewhat unpredictable.  As Astrologers, we like to say, “we’ll be facing challenges, tests, stepping stones” to new levels of consciousness”.  Our Mothers might have said that “adversity builds character”.  How and whether we choose to face the stepping stones that are coming this year, are individual decisions.  Keep in mind, that this year, the unimaginable may be possible!  If your dream is to fly unencumbered, you should consciously jettison the extra baggage, and imagine  how and where you want to fly.

I can point out which areas of your life are going to face more challenges, and more opportunities, and I will highlight the times of greatest energy in your  life.  Still, it seems like the heavens  have some surprises and unexpected growth opportunities in store for us all this year!  The best way to get through the year, is to keep returning to Center, to make time to breathe, to meditate, to find your joy.

2020 Astrology

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