April Full Moon 2020: what the heck continued!


April 7, 2020, 10:35 pm, Washington DC

By Sonja Elison

Today’s Libra Full Moon is, as you might guess, a rather special one!  Although  the Moon is in Libra and the Sun is in Aries, the topic of relationships I thin, must be viewed somewhat differently now.  Libra is certainly the sign of the other, the sign of relationships, and of beauty  and harmony.  It is however, also about justice, and in these times, we have a very serious chart to consider.  This month, and actually all year, I feel that it is important to consider the overarching astrological/global story which we are watching unfold.  

If you’ve had me do your chart this year, you already know that I feel that individual charts need to be read in terms of the overall/global/cosmic times we are living in.  So, first a bit of overview!

I’d  like to begin by introducing  the Cosmic Picture for this year…if you haven’t read  the March Full Moon, keep reading!  If you  have, skip down a few paragraphs.  I’m going to keep posting about these very important energy flows going on this year.  It takes a lot of research and time, because there are so many planetary configurations this year, but rest assured, I’m working on these updates!

There is a tremendous amount of energy in the heavens at this time, and Astrologers are all observing the planetary movements with great curiosity.  We are all reminding ourselves  that “what will be will be, and it is perfect as it is”.  To be more specific, the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn (which occurred on Jan 12) is a time of huge social change which humanity hasn’t experienced since the time Luther nailed the 13 Theses to the Church door in Wittenberg.  Yes, the Protestant reformation!  Before that, it was the fall of the Roman Empire.  So, this is a time of very dramatic change in the history of the human species.  

We have quite a few planetary signatures for chaotic conditions, as we all collectively give birth to this new time/era.  In many different ways, we are in the   birth canal of the Aquarian Age.  From the heavenly perspective, Saturn and Pluto are now ushering out the old customs, structures, and ways of thinking.  The years 2019 and 2020 have been very important for allowing us to see what is decayed and what needs to be let go.  As you  are experiencing in a very personal way now, The Cosmos is not kidding!  It is time to pay Attention!  It is time to think very very seriously about our values, and how we live them out!  We have seen decay and corruption in institutions like government, financial, religious, and even civil society.  We are learning at a breakneck speed, that what we thought we knew, what we thought we could count on, is no longer as resilient and safe as we had thought.  Do you  remember the saying that went around in the  70’s….”Question Authority”?  Yes, do it now!  Question everything, until you have come to the kernel, the essential beliefs and values you hold dear.  

What brings in the new Age are Saturn and Pluto, which are both moving into Aquarius, from Capricorn.  Saturn will actually be at 0 Aquarius at the March New Moon on 31 March.  And, as you probably know by now, the New Moon brings in whatever is culminating at the Full Moon!  So, as we are hearing, the first 2 weeks of April will be very powerful and very trying.  

So what do these planets mean?  During this Full Moon, we have a very powerful square from the Full Moon to a Pluto/Jupiter conjunction in the second house of values.  An Astrologer friend of mine, called this conjunction, “primal justice”.  I  love that term, because it is so very descriptive.  This is about as  powerful a time as you can imagine, from an astrological point of view.  If you have listened to Melissa Halsey’s Channeling,  (see Wisdomword.com) you know that Spirit has said this will be a time of Miracles and a time of Disasters.  How you use the energy is UP TO YOU!  It will be exceedingly powerful

So, what can you expect?  Jupiter/Pluto on the spiritual end, can be almost superhuman.  Our great Masters, such as Mahatma Ghandi, have had this conjunction in their charts.  It gives Spiritual power which comes from beyond the veil, and which can be accessed here in this dimension.  It is the power to visualize a dream and make it real.  It does take hard work and dedication, and often sacrifice.  But given this power, you can change not only yourself, but aspects of the world.

On the less Spiritual side, it can be great obsession with power, and effect malevolent ends.  In Capricorn, this can manifest in abuses of power which are truly astonishing and harmful to many.  

So, what about us?  Those of us who don’t wield great material power?  Think about the simple subject of toilet paper!  (okay we need some humor, even if the topic is extremely serious!).  Are your survival instincts so strong that you are thinking only of your own needs or desires, and hoarding tp?  Or if you happen to be blessed enough to see some in the store, do you buy what you need and leave the rest?  Or maybe pick up some  for a neighbor you know is in need?  We HAVE to start thinking about ALL our actions, and whether we are living in Faith/ Grace/ and Love, or whether we are seeing the material conditions around us as our only reality.  Is it Fear or Love which motivates us?

Right now, during this Full Moon, we have to examine our Values.  Think about Free Market Capitalism.  What is the driving value there?  Self-Interest!  I do believe that the Universe is challenging us to think very very deeply about this ideology.  Do we accept that the Market will really give us the best health care system?  Best for whom?  WWJD?  When Self-Interest is accepted as the guiding philosophy of our entire social structure, we are setting ourselves up for disaster in the long term.  As John Kenneth Galbraith said, “in the long term, we are all dead”.  During these times, it is pretty clear what he means!  

Is it really the best health care system, or the best political system, or the best economic system, or the best tax system, if Self Interest is the guiding principle?   

This is clearly what the Full Moon is trying to illuminate for us!  We are getting an exceptional opportunity to put ourselves in the position of the “other”, and contemplate whether we are comfortable with that!  When you see a person without the means to pay for medical insurance, are you really okay with that?  We are now learning that in our connectedness, we are that person, we are connected to every person in our country, in our hemisphere, in our world.  We are literally connected to the peasant in China who ate that bat!  If we don’t get it now, we never will!  So, do we respond with love to those around us,  like our health care professional are now doing?  Or do we face our neighbors with Fear?

Time for another story!  A woman I know is a Nurse  Practitioner at Walter Reed and Johns Hopkins.  She is working 2 jobs, because Nurses just don’t earn that much, even in a high cost of living area like Washington D.C.  She went into work the other day, at the ER, and had  16 Covid-19 patients to take care of.  She hasn’t had a mask in weeks and won’t have one for another week (that is, if the  promised masks actually do come in).  A few days ago, she came home, exhausted after a 12 hour shift, with a sore throat and chills.  Because she didn’t have a fever, she went into work the next day.  We ALL need her.  

The CEO of a for-profit hospital recently threatened to fire workers who complained about lack of PPEs.  Really?  What’s wrong with this picture?  Is the CEO really the person who should be calling the shots and making buckets of $?  Really?  And do we really need these circumstances to understand how we need to act in the world?  We Must, during this Full Moon examine our beliefs, our ideologies, our actions.  

The Full  Moon chart shows quite dramatically and clearly that we will be held here, in this position, until we start to act in a wiser, and kinder way.  

The hope in the chart is shown by a Mars/Venus trine.  We can act out of love for others and move forward.  This is our opportunity to move past the terror—by acting like my friend, by acting out of love and generosity.  Right now, for most of us who aren’t health professionals, this means taking seriously the danger of the Virus.  It means helping our community by consciously understanding that this is not about ME, it is about US.  

The other sign of Hope in this Full Moon chart is a Mercury/Neptune sextile to Pluto/Jupiter.  We communicate with each other still, we can try to understand one another’s needs, we can do our best to try to understand the opportunity and joy presented by Jupiter, as well as the threat presented by Pluto of Primal Justice.  

Whenever Saturn is predominant in a chart, there are lessons to learn.  When Pluto is also there, you better darn well figure out a new way of moving forward.  You don’t really get a choice in the matter!  At this Full Moon, it is apparent to me, that we are in “time out”.  Mother Earth has been warning us that we need to change our ways.  We have been told we need to be conscious of our many many blessings that She has given us.  

The last aspect in the chart which I need to speak about, is an exact square between Uranus and Mars.  There are likely to be many unexpected clashes, conflicts and tests of will.  This is not a time to get complacent, and it is definitely not a time to insist on things being like they always have been.  Imagine yourself on a raft between 2 islands…if you try to hang on to the land of the one island, you will knock the raft over and end up in the water.  The trick is to balance your raft where you happen to be!  

The 6.5  magnitude earthquake in Boise, Idaho is a physical manifestation of this aspect.  On the spiritual level, Uranus brings us to a higher level of consciousness.  Uranus acts suddenly and very quickly, (I think of its energy as flowing at a cosmic speed, very quickly and disruptively to the physical material speed we are used to).  Mars is both about our own will and Ego, and also about courage to act, to begin.  We are all being called to figure out new ways to live.  This aspect can act very unexpectedly, to wake us up, to shake us out of our very comfortable habits.  Be aware!  Be Grateful for all your comforts and blessings.  Be considerate of others.  Try to be accepting of what is coming and how it is coming!   

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