Full Moon – Oct 31, 2020

By Sonja Elison (Oct 28, 2020)
This month’s Taurus Full Moon highlights our emotional comfort and demands that we examine what is holding us back.  Although the Full Moon  in Taurus is usually a very soothing and calm and restful time, this month, it is 8 Taurus, conjunct Uranus.  Uranus, the planet of awakening, could literally be imagined as the opposite of the sleepy Taurus Moon!.  The act of awakening, of moving to a higher consciousness level, is not usually comfortable, or dreamy.  Whatever is stable in your life, you might want to be paying attention to!  Further, in the U.S., it is in the 5th house of fun, romance, social events and creative self-expression.  

If you are an artist, you could be welcoming some highly inspirational moments into your work this month.  Don’t waste this energy!  This is a time of being open to cosmic light in a supercharged way, so for those of you who are intuitive or empaths, your radar will definitely be on “high”.  On the more mundane level, our social opportunities will again change, requiring more technological help, if we want to connect with others.  Yes, the COVID-19 surge shows up again as disrupting our normal social activities.  

Grant yourself time during this next month to withdraw and learn quietly at home, to center yourself, and to work off your restlessness by finding or inventing new ways to do what your heart desires, at home! 

Energy continues to be very high, with retrograde Mars in Aries.  Mars, the planet of  energy, of assertiveness and courage, is in its Home Sign, so it is definitely flexing its muscles.  I believe Mars gets a somewhat undeserved bad rap, so I will focus a bit on what this abundance of Mars energy can be used for in a much more positive way!  Mars in Aries is the bringer of the new into our lives, and fearlessly turns its back on old, worn out ways of doing things.  It represents the genesis of creative ideas of progressive changes, of invention (especially with the Moon conjunct Uranus!), and leadership.  We should all be focusing our mental energy on recreating, redesigning, how  we interact  with each other, how we imagine going forward from here.  The lowest expression of this energy is fighting—so if you are feeling Mars energy physically, it is time to buy home exercise equipment, or new jogging shoes!  If you’re feeling this Mars energy intellectually—if your Mind is going full blast-turn your mental energy toward imagining a new future.  As the Framers of our Constitution put it, how would You form a more perfect Union?  In its highest manifestation, Mars focuses on the future, and brings us the energy we need to manifest it.  

With the Sun in Scorpio conjunct the retrograde Mercury, which is in Libra, for many of us, the focus of all this heightened energy is on relationships.  Allowing the Mars energy to burst forth without thought is unwise.  Reach for balance before admitting anger at another into your heart.  Issues or arguments from the past (whether 2 weeks ago or 10 years), may come up for resolution.  Try removing yourself from the emotion of the situation, and imagining yourself as the blindfolded figure of Justice.  Objectively, is the energy you’re putting into the situation worth it?  By the time Mercury goes Direct on the 4th of November, more information will surface, and situations will start to resolve.  

With Venus in Libra for most of November, there will be an opportunity to increase love, balance and harmony in relationships.  Of course, we as individuals need to make the decision to work for balance and love in all our relationships!  

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