Full Moon November 2020

 Nov 30 2020

Lunar Eclipse


Sonja Elison

Today’s Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse is taking place at 8 Gemini, with the Sun at 8 Sagittarius.  So, if you know you have some significant placement at those degrees, you’ll definitely feel this Eclipse, especially emotionally.  Restlessness, uncertainty, and perhaps secrets which become known, are hallmarks of the energy at this time.

A lunar Eclipse is like a reset of your emotions.  So think about this time as a change in your emotional equilibrium and world view.  Although the Moon in Gemini seems quite rational, rather than emotional, the energy of this Moon is primarily about change.  There is likely to be a period of reflection about choices we have to make with regard to how we are living with others.  A Gemini Mind is split, able to see many perspectives and able to weigh pros and cons of many viewpoints.  That’s why it is hard, during this period, to feel very decisive about anything.  

There is a  sense of irritability, of change which is either coming or needed or both.  This energy requires consideration and possibly action.  Some may feel like they have to confess to an indiscretion in their relationships, or in their  financial actions.  It is likely that we will see some revelations of this sort in the news!

This Full Moon is also connected to Neptune, in a rather challenging way.    As if the word “reality” or “facts” hasn’t come under enough dispute in the world recently, this may be a time of heightened emotional confusion about “reality”.  The challenge at this time, will be to find balance.  It is almost like walking a tightrope now, with some people deciding that they will hold fast to their beliefs, however fantastic, and despite rational evidence.  

Despite the detached rationality of the Gemini Moon, another very passionate and fiery opposition exists between Venus in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus.  There is a strong energy right now, of passionately, recklessly, willfully and obsessively wanting what we want, without regard to other’s perspectives or realities.  This is the bull in the china shop energy.  The clash between various world views and our own desires can lead to some very deep personal reflection about who we are in this world.  This can be a painful time of meeting our shadow selves, and sorting through emotions we’d rather not face.  Understanding how we are living, if we are living in a way which is motivated only by our personal desires, is an exercise which we apparently need to engage in now.

The point of it all, is allowing us to reset both emotionally and mentally, and find a new direction toward more loving and balanced relationships in our lives.  

This Eclipse Season (the Solar Eclipse takes place on Dec 14) seems to introduce a period of time during which we are to reflect on our values, and set our intentions for new directions in life.  I see a dominant energy in this upcoming period, of motivation and energy for finding new directions that are more in line with our values, and ideals, with out sense of who we actually are in this world.  As many of us awaken to a different  understanding of the world, and our place in it, there is likely to be quite a lot of upset and change in relationships.  We are likely to need to draw on deep stores of compassion and forgiveness toward others.  For many, this energy can be constructively expressed artistically, musically and creatively.  

Remember in the Spring, how it felt like Mother Earth was sending us all into “time out”?  “It’s time to think about your behavior”, she seemed to be telling us.  Now, it seems like we are back there, with the admonition from Mother Earth, to not only think about  our  past behavior, but also our future behavior and values.  Forward momentum is definitely a good thing, but it is much better to have thought about where  you’re going, and to know that your goal  is worth the energy you are  expending to get there!  So, taking time to really think about the future you want for yourself and your community, is a positive way to use the energy of this Eclipse.  

We have  the opportunity now, to reflect on how we act in the world, and to make a new start.  Is our activity driven only by Ego needs, or is it in tune with the needs of an interconnected world?  Does our activity serve to improve the world we live in or does it harm both Mother Earth and other living beings?  

The purging of corruption and decay from the  structures and networks around us, as we have seen occur all year, will continue for a while.  It seems that it is now  coming closer to home.  We may need to turn from blaming political officials in Washington for all our woes,  to examining whether officials in our own communities are acting in accord with our values.  And then, of course, we must ask our own higher selves the same question about our own actions.  This is a  process, and it may take some time, so be prepared!

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