FullMoon April 26,2021

11:31 pm Washington D.C.


Sonja Elison

April 20, 2021

This month’s Full Moon falls in Scorpio (7degrees) with the Sun in Taurus.  This is a very very active Full Moon.  Truthfully, after last month’s Full Moon in Libra, I thought we’d be getting a little bit of an energetic break, with the Sun going into an Earth Sign, Taurus.  But the opposite is true!

The Taurus/Scorpio axis of energy is about our values, and how we see ourselves in the framework of the broader world we are living in.  This is a very emotional and intense period.  Our safety is the deepest concern here, and whether we feel supported enough to really look at how we are functioning (or not) in the world.  Scorpio is the sign of detectives and psychologists and mystics!  So putting our Selves under the scrutiny of that energy is quite a challenge.  Looking at the Sun in the chart (our identities), what I see is the Light of Cosmic Truth shining very brightly on our Selves.  Picture yourself in an interrogation room with the great big fluorescent lights fixed on you, and a psychologically very intense and adept interrogator asking you what you’re up to and why.  Some of us might be able to handle that situation, but, others would go nuts!

In this month’s chart, the Sun is hanging out with Uranus, the explosive, electric energy of Universal Truth—the truth that just will not hide.  With the Sun and Uranus together, there is little control or evading the Truth of who we are.  Although we usually try to “feel” our way towards expressing Truth in a socially acceptable way, the energy of this Sun in the chart is so explosive and impulsive, that “filters” and “control” and “manners” are likely to be overpowered.  While this energy is already visible on the evening news, the entire week before the Full Moon is likely to be extremely active.

So, diving down deep into the energy of Sun/Uranus, it will also be mingling with our love relationships and creativity.  So, impulsive and possibly rash romances are very likely this month!  This is not to say that every romance that begins this month will be impulsive rather than lasting.  There is potential for understanding the love in a relationship in a very intense and awakened new level of consciousness.  The same holds for artistic expression.  Flashes of cosmic genius can easily show up now, so a great way to use this energy is to express it artistically or creatively!  Remember that it is up to us, how we choose to make use of the energy.  You will definitely feel the electric energy in your relationships, but whether you choose to pick up a shotgun and shoot those you’re angry at, or confront them with harsh judgements, or use that energy to appreciate your loved one in a new way, or create an artistic masterpiece…..that’s your decision!  Think about it before the energy hits you, because it can be very impulsive!

In addition, Uranus and Mercury will also combine their intellectual energies.  As Uranus energizes our intellects, again, it can result in madness, or genius!  The other probable manifestation for us, is massive computer issues!  Anyone not having computer issues/electronic issues now, please raise your hand!  Joking aside, again, whether this energy manifests as crazy, or as very fast understanding and thinking, and communication, is dependent on how we use it.  Fast, unexpected, sudden communications and message that maybe, turn our lives upside down, are likely.  Communications with kids, with colleagues, and with others in close relationships, will be affected, so try to focus your thoughts, rather than letting them come out of your mouth without purpose or logic or intention!  

Again, for the week before the Full Moon, Mars will be square Neptune, which gives the virus new energy.  This is the aspect of infections.  There is also a strong manifestation of misdirected physical energy.  It’s like the wiring in our bodies gets crossed….often resulting in simple physical fatigue.  If your chart is directly affected, there is potential for real physical danger manifesting through ill will from or toward others.  The negative effects of this energy need not predominate, however.    You can direct the energy toward spiritual, artistic, or humanitarian ends, which is a much more positive use!  It will however, take work and focus…both very difficult under this influence!  Be mindful, and try to use the intuitive energy which is also expressed in the chart, to direct where you are at what time, and with whom.

The potential for joy and purposeful action is also contained in this month’s Full Moon.  The thing to remember is that the energy of a Scorpio Full Moon is always intense, and nothing is achieved without deep and focused, one might say, obsessive energy.  This is not a time to mindlessly slack.  The message I see, very distinctly, is to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, put our Big Girl/Guy panties on, and take responsibility for our lives, our emotions, our direction, our communications.  It is possible to move forward now, but we have to be aware that it will take work, effort, intention, and clear-eyed focus.

The debate over the infrastructure Bill is very emblematic of this chart….The truth that our infrastructure in the U.S. is crumbling, dangerous, and woefully out of date, is clear.  In order to repair what we have let degrade so badly, we will have to undertake a massive effort.  We cannot ignore it and remain safe or move into the Future.  There is certainly room for debate about how to pay for the projects that are needed.  This is where the energy in the chart lies…the need for change and progress is seen and understood differently by individuals in different parts of the country, and based on different views of one’s own identity.  The spotlight is now on how we are willing to communicate our own truths, and listen to those who are experiencing different truths.  That is the challenge to getting on the road of purposeful action this month.  

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