Full Moon Lunar Eclipse May 26, 2021


Sonja Elison

May 18, 2021

After last month’s intense Full Moon, with all its Scorpio energy, I’m betting most people would like a somewhat lighter, easier Lunation!  Well, this month the energy is definitely lighter, with the Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius.  The energy is Air and Fire, indicating a more intellectual, creative, mental and social background to the energy.  

There is a definite sense of wanting to understand deeper psychological and spiritual underpinnings of what has happened recently in the realm of relationships, but also inner emotional changes and intuitions.  Since the planets are mainly in the elements of communication and creativity, people will be wanting to get “out” and interact.  You may find that your friends and neighbors are feeling quite chatty and social.  It is an interesting kind of energy, because there is a lot of reflective energy, and the desire to put recent experiences in some kind of perspective which makes sense to us.  If you’re  a  therapist, I’d expect business to pick up for the next month!  If you’re not, you may be thinking about going into a therapeutic field.  

On a deeper level, although it may not be apparent or fully recognized, a lot of us are re-arranging our pictures of reality.  The explanations we hold of how the world works, that we are used to, seem no longer quite so valid.  The breakdown of institutions , unveiled corruption among our institutions, but also the magnificent and awe-inspiring stories of selflessness shown by many during the Co-Vid pandemic, have  caused us to rethink our tightly held stories about the world.  One of the reasons for this, is that we have all shared times of loss and grief, and have had time to look more deeply into our own life stories.  While we reframe our own stories of our personal pain, in view of the pain that we see others experience, we have an opportunity now, to let go of that descent into our own pain, and stretch out a helping hand.  

Since this is the Moon which starts the current eclipse season, it seems to me that it is the start of a more mature, somewhat chastened, but more introspective time for us.  The steadier and more committed we are to helping humanity on a larger scale, the greater our own opportunity will be to face the future in a healed and healing way.  

While there are certain to be more clashes of people with opposing viewpoints, and continued trouble based on aggression and anger, the primary message that  I see in the chart, is that these issues have the best chance of being resolved through compassion, forgiveness and strength of purpose.  

One of the other points which is striking to me, is that the Female Asteroid Goddesses are all in quite powerful positions in the chart.  It is as if they are lining up with their Male counterparts to restructure our reality into a more balanced new world.  

Pallas Athena, the female energy of intellect, strategy, wisdom and power, is exactly aligned with Neptune, the planet which represents Spirit.

Ceres, the Goddess of Fertility, sometimes called Gaia, or Mother Earth, is aligned with Uranus, the planet sometimes called the “Father” of our mythological gods.  Uranus is also the energy of change, of upheaval, freedom, rebellion and Cosmic Insight.  (Yes, this is an indicator of some possible earthquakes or volcanoes).

Juno, representing the energy of partnering and of female strength and independence in partnerships, is aligned with the Moon.  This could indicates a reset of power arrangements in various relationships.

Finally, Vesta, signifying the Divine energy of creation, of kundalini energy, which  has been so threatening to the patriarchal claim on power, is at the Fulcrum of the Nodal Axis.  What this signifies to me, is that the Female energy of procreation, that Divine and frightening energy, is ready to be reclaimed and recognized.  

To summarize, it seems to me that this chart speaks very clearly about the conversations we all need to have, and will have about what we value in life, about how to value female characteristics of creativity, nurturing, and caring.  The challenges to male dominance, to patriarchal power structures are to continue.  It is an interesting significator of this time in our life, that the legal case of Roe v. Wade will be reconsidered by the Supreme Court.    

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