Aquarius Full Moons 2021

July 24, 2021  and August 22, 2021


Sonja Elison

I’m going to start with the upcoming, August 22 Full Moon.  Partly because it is such a lovely chart!  

This is an Aquarius Full Moon at the very last degree of Aquarius, and in conjunction with Jupiter, the major planet of good fortune.  Yes, that is a very good indication for us globally, but also in the United State.  I cast the Full Moon chart for the U.S. because most of my readers are here.  Globally, the major influences are the same, but the accents are a bit different.  Just FYI.

So, the major theme of this next month is compassion and love.  Nice, right?  Because the Leo/Aquarius polarity is highlighted now, the chart is really drawing our attention to creating a New World, to acting with love, understanding and compassion and care for others, especially those suffering illness.

We have come through some major, really tough charts, and this chart is frankly very surprising to me, in its very very positive energy.  It feels like we’ve come through the birthing process.  

Let’s get to specifics now.   With this great relationship energy, this is a super time for beginning new relationships, and also for finding equilibrium, harmony and justice on a global, national, and personal scale. 

Venus is very empowered (especially in the U.S. chart), so the healing of wounds from past inequalities and injustices is possible now.  You may find that you have conversations with others about past hurts which you had no idea had caused others pain.  You may also have conversations with others which hit a sore spot in you.  Forgiveness, compassion and understanding are the goals now.  This is the time to heal.  

In the U.S. chart, Virgo is the Ascendent, and Mercury, its ruler, is very closely conjunct the Ascendent, also in conjunction with Mars.  That’s for the other astrologers who are reading this!  For normal people, that means the energy of talking about, criticizing, and airing irritations, is high on the agenda.  The energy for doing this is extremely fast and undeniable.  What I see in this chart, is that we are being propelled with really really fast energy to get things, especially intergenerational, cleared and aired.  You know how sometimes  words come out of your mouth, and reveal deep emotions, and you think, how did that happen?  Yes, those kinds of moments could very well occur.  But the good news about that, is that the chart indicates it is the right time to discuss those thoughts and feelings, and to listen to how others feel and think.  Understanding each other is what its about.  

Let me be clear…there is powerful energy for being irritated and critical of others and of Self now, but this attitude is strongly linked to resolving issues, to ending imbalances in relationships and social structures. Instead of going out in the streets and yelling about our pains, this is a time when constructive changes are possible for the FUTURE.  

We are still dealing, very strongly, with the  breakdown of failing social structures.  But we are on the verge of powerful transformations which will adjust our failed structures, to make them a part of the Future, rather than trying to Band-aid the past.  So, for a concrete example….supply chain shortages, should help us to learn that consumeristic behavior is not good for the planet, and not good for our Souls!  Learning to live within our communities will help us to learn real techniques of survival, and how to again take pride in our creations, our work.  That is fundamental to human dignity, to human emotional satisfaction.  The feelings of being useful, of practicality, of being able to help each, of being able to take pride in one’s own ability to produce something beautiful and useful to others….these are themes which are extremely important now.  

When I look at the chart, I feel like we are on the verge of understanding that what is important in our society, and in our own ability to live our own Truth, is to realize that the accumulation of wealth and status in corporations, in government, in whatever structure we have found power in the past, is just not important to the future.  What is important is supporting the ability of each and every individual in society to contribute what is their Truth, what is their skill and beauty, to the entirely, the collective.

I think that this is the Truth of Aquarius, and it is very strongly supported now.  The individual has their own Truth, place and beauty, but it is not about the Individual against Society, but about the individual within Society.  The time for unbridled energetic pursuit of self-interest is over, and the time for understanding that we can live our own Truth, within the structures of a society that we create, is at hand.  

We have lived Full Throttle through ages of “ME”, through ideas of Greed being good.  Now, living that creed of egotism and greed is likely to find you getting into trouble.  Overindulgence in our own laziness, desires, and greed is the darker side of the chart, which is certainly how some can express this energy.  Consciousness and awareness are the key to expressing this energy in a fruitful and beneficial way.  Compassion and listening  are key to the fruitful use of the social, communication energy which is embodied in the chart.

On a concrete note, the Neptune/Mercury opposition in the chart, which hearkens back to the transmission of infectious diseases—yes, CoVid and other transmissible diseases, like the flu and colds, is also quite strong in the chart.  To me, this chart is calling out for an awareness of others in relationship.  Consideration of others, compassion for those in the medical profession, the  sick, the frail, is going to be crucial to our society.  Again, this underscores the most important message in the chart, which is about the Individual within Society, not the individual within a world of “ME”.

To sum up this entire discourse, in the words of a 60’s song, “love is all around us, let the feeling grow”….but that feeling grows when it is implanted in the understanding that we are all connected, like cells within one body, and the most efficient and harmonious functioning, is when we work together, in concert with one another, and respectful of each individual’s unique capacities, gifts and strengths, and yes, also weaknesses and needs.  

The August 22nd Full Moon is the bookend to the July 24th Full Moon, which occurred at 1 degree of Aquarius.  This is kind of like the instruction manual to entering the Age of Aquarius.  Take this metaphor loosely!

The July 23rd Full Moon at 1 degree of Aquarius, led us into a very new and progressive Era in our world.  It was a  Moon which was  oddly focused on both the New which is coming in, and the old things we must relinquish.  That message of having to let go of things which don’t work, was ominously loud and clear.  The Moon in Aquarius is generally exciting, unpredictable and quirky.   But despite all of the fun, lively and “devil may care energy”, this Full Moon was bound up with some very serious planetary energies, so it may well have felt more solemn and less free and independent than usual.

This Moon was in conjunction with both Saturn  and Pluto, making a very emphatic statement that it is time to for us to rid ourselves of our old outworn beliefs, practices and expectations.  With an Aquarius Full Moon, you have a Leo Sun, which is always very full of  itself.  The energy is definitely  “I  WANT to HAVE FUN!”.  But this month, we definitely need to realize, and the Universe will make it very clear, that doing whatever we want, will lead to trouble.  

As most of us have probably experienced, the Saturn/Uranus induced supply chain difficulties have begun teaching us that we cannot have whatever we want at the snap  of our fingers.  Saturn represents our new reality, and the new reality we are now seeing, is being firmly established with Saturn’s transit in Aquarius.  

The new age, coming in rather chaotically, is about the disruption of systems, the bringing in of a higher consciousness (Uranus) by forcefully kicking  out the old.  I think that within the week we’ll see more examples of the monumental change of Ages we are living through.  When I wrote this mid-July, I thought that the chart portended that we might see new shutdowns, as people fail to adjust to the new realties (of CoVid).  Looks like the Universe got its way.  

What I see as a major cosmic kick in our collective backsides, is the effect of climate change.  Either we adjust our lifestyles or Mother Earth will teach us that we no longer rule on this planet.  As we are seeing, the power of Water, of Floods, Earthquakes and Fire are far greater than we have admitted.  

The July 23rd Full Moon was quite full warnings:  The August Full Moon is as full of promise.  What I’d like to leave you with is the thought that we are going through a monumental spiritual change, which will manifest in all other dimensions of energy.  We will see physical changes as we either resist or accept new realities  But Fundamentally, the December 2019 Solstice chart (the one right before CoVid hit) foretold a deep and serious look at our value, ideology, and our definitions of our own self-worth.  

My sense is that these charts link back to that one, and are saying, “we go forward with the knowledge that our common good is just that….common, interconnected and interdependent.”  Individualism taken to the extreme, is killing us.

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