Pisces Full Moon

September 2021 Full Moon


Sonja  Elison

Sept. 18, 2021

The Full Moon this month is in Pisces, which is normally a very soft, easy going, dreamy kind of time.  There’s rather a big “however” here for  this Full Moon.  Mars  is in conjunction (merging with) the Sun, so it is lending a whole lot of energy and motivation, along with a  touch of assertive, or aggressive energy to this Moon.   You may be  feeling an inner tension between spending the day in your imagination, daydreaming, and getting out and being very  active in the  world.

The  overall feeling I’m getting from this month’s chart, is to balance your life between the Spiritual aspects of the world we are moving  into, and settle the affairs of the “old” world we are in, and are used to.  I’ll explain…

The Moon in  Pisces is very spiritual, dreamy, compassionate and self-sacrificing.  It is in the exalted degree of Neptune, so the sensitivity to Spirit and to beauty, all things artistic, is at its heightened expression.  Enjoy!  Dwell  in it as much as you can, and don’t feel guilty about it.  These are moments of the Sublime.  Treasure them!

You’ll also be  feeling a  tug toward the earthly responsibilities and duties, however, as the Sun is  in Virgo, which is totally practical and Earthy.  You may have  spent the past month enveloped in details, paperwork, re-organizing and cleaning.  If you have any Virgo energy, you’ve definitely felt this!  But, Mars, the planet of energy, motivation, drive, and  physical activity, has  just moved into Libra, and so will be turning our attention, strongly, toward balancing relationships and achieving harmony.  There may be quite a bit conflict, as the energy changes in relationships.  A good example is the withdrawal from Afghanistan.  The Afghan government and people will  be putting a lot of energy into finding their own internal balance now that the U.S. and allies are out.  It  won’t be easy, but effort and energy will hopefully be rewarded.  The same goes for our own personal relationships. 

To sum up the Full Moon energy in this bit of the chart, strive for compassion, love and forgiveness, and harmony  and balance in relationships, and you should be able to reap your reward.

Now to explain the part about “settling the affairs of the old world”.  Pluto is still in Capricorn, so the ragged shards of  the institutions we have built over the past 250 years (! Yes, that long) are showing the wear and tear, and we are seeing where the degradation of the inner support structures has taken place.  That energy is continuing to grow stronger and to finalize the transformation to the new world.  Focusing on the new, progressive ideas  which build a new future for humanity, is the resolution for the tension in the chart.  

Putting energy into building renewable energy structure is a good  example, and (surprise!) is part of the financial bill going through Congress at present.  We are moving from an age dominated by Earth Signs, and resources (fossil fuels) to an age dominated by Air Signs.  New technologies which allow us to use the “free” energy of the Sun and Air are around the corner.  Now  is  the time  to focus on that work, build  the structures to support them, and leave a whole Mother Earth to the generations which follow us.

In my view, this month’s Full Moon chart is a clear call to build our future, to progress with new ideas, new ways to think about how we live.  We may still have to face some personal and national losses, but there is never progress without hard work.  This is not a time to be lazy….even though  the Moon in Pisces may tempt us  in that direction!  This is a time to really envision the promise of the future and to set about to achieve it. 

Thanks to Denise Billington-Just for the beautiful picture of the Moon!

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