October 2021 Full Moon Report

Full Moon in Aries

October 20, 2021

Washington D.C. 10:57 a.m.


Sonja Elison

In case you aren’t feeling the energy of this Full Moon yet, it is a doozy!  

We are starting a few months of really, really powerful Lunations, and this one is crazy strong, so Buckle Up!  My most important advice is to envision your perfect Future and hold on to that Vision!  With this Moon in Aries, anything is possible, and that “anything” is likely to come like a bolt of lightning!  Remember that Aries creates the Future, so be very Mindful of what you are creating with your heart, your thoughts, your actions, because you are paving the way now, for what is to come in the next months and years.

October, especially Halloween, is generally considered a time of putting things to rest, or harvest, and of seeing the natural world going to sleep after a full and energetic summer.  This month, however, has 4 planets turning Direct from Retrograde motion, along with the Moon in fiery Aries .  When so many planets go forward in one month, the energy is of completing the preparations which will allow new projects, relationships, and interests to go come into your life and to grow.  Be aware that with these planets, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury turning direct, not only will plans go forward, but events are likely to take off at breakneck speed.  

All of this energy is happening between the 7th and the 19th, with Mercury, the bringer of news, being the last one to turn direct on the 19th.  So you will start to get news of projects which have been on the back burner, which now are ready to take off.  

There is so much energy in this chart, that it would be wise to be very conscious of your actions.  Actions motivated  by power and Ego are quite likely to be causing turmoil, and unexpected consequences.  Some of these consequences could be extremely hard, if not impossible to undo.  So be aware.  On the other hand, if your motivations are from the heart and for the good of humanity, projects begun now are likely to be very successful.  

I cast this Full Moon chart for the U.S., so the reading is slightly different for those of in the U.S.  In this country, the Ascendent falls in Sagittarius, and Venus falls in the first house.  What that means for non-Astrologers, is that we are likely to have a month in which our nation experiences being on the “right track”, perhaps better relations among our citizens (that would be a step in the right direction!), and more potential for supportive, creative and friendly social interactions.  That would be a turn for the better, wouldn’t it?  The potential to improve our relationships with each other, in our communities, and with our families, is there.  Let me also add that the energy to destroy relationships by insisting on one’s own opinions, is also present.  We can choose to fight, or we can choose to work for harmony.

On the other hand, the conflict and tension in the chart, for the U.S. is mainly in the economic/financial sectors of the chart.  As we are now seeing, there is a need for a re-adjustment of our values.  The trend of individuals to stop living to work, and begin working to live-emphasis on living- has become tagged with the line “the Great Resignation” in popular media.  

Let me ask the question now….are you slowing down at work to take more care of yourself?  Or to have more fun?  Or to be able to lend a hand to a neighbor in need?  How would you characterize your motivations?  

There is also a more subtle Mercury trine Saturn in the Air Signs in this chart.  The opportunity with this energy is to forge a new path which is well planned and executed,  and based on more mature, wiser, and more thoughtful considerations.  This is orderly, organized energy, rather than chaotic disruption.

The endings of things which we now experience, can open up Paths for us to walk down, which are ultimately more patient, more considerate of others, and positive for our comprehensive reality.

The energy now is truly startling and complex, with potentiality which can be destructive or sublimely creative.  Each of us as individuals gets to choose. This is a very good time for new relationships, to start new projects which can improve the human situation, and to put down roots which will support our enlightened heart’s desires.  As I contemplate the very strong energy of this Full Moon, my sense is that focus on the highest manifestation of our human natures will serve us very well now.  There is a very strong current of energy, which we can ride to a successful goal, or if we don’t pay attention, can take us way off course.  

Next month’s Full Moon is an Eclipse, so come back for next month’s report.  We are beginning a powerful few months of energy, so best to be in tune!

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