November 19, 2021

Lunar Eclipse/full Moon

27 Taurus/Scorpio


Sonja Elison

Nov. 15, 2021

To start thinking about today’s Eclipse, I want to quote an excellent British Astrologer, Dr. Bernadette Brady.  (Yes, in Britain you can get a PhD in Astrology).  “Eclipses {are} like a spotlight shining on the pathway of your life.  These lights are not on all of the time, but they switch on, catching you in mid-action…it will illuminate an area of your life.  …Whatever has been pushed to one side or shoved under the carpet, will become obvious.”  

This month’s Full Moon is again a very strong one, especially for us in the United States, since it is visible mainly in North America.  Being a Lunar Eclipse, the light is shining mainly on our inner selves, emotional body, feelings of security and comfort.  So think about your emotional security/insecurity, your sense of home, whether ownership of things is central to your identity and probably also, what kinds of feelings you’ve repressed.  If you know your Birth Chart, where does 27 Scorpio/Taurus fall in your chart?  Do you have planets there?

Speaking in general terms, if you don’t know your chart, this is about material wealth, values, our position in the social order.  We may need to focus on how much work, time, and energy we are putting into our worldly Ego.  Mars and Mercury are also in Scorpio, indicating that it may be easy to put a lot of our energetic selves into climbing the ladder at our businesses….but is that really fulfilling to the part of us which needs comfort and security?  Mars in Scorpio can be ruthless, jealous and vengeful, and we are likely to see some actions which reflect this energy.  Every chart shows how to resolve the tension held within it, though, and this chart indicates that forgiveness and compassion are going to be required of all of us.  Don’t be surprised if we see more sudden, unexpected events in our country, stemming from anger, expressed in violence,, and requiring very deep digging to find the resources to forgive and be compassionate.  

Uranus is almost exactly opposite Mars, which is a pretty explosive combination., especially within this Eclipse/Full Moon.  The insurrection on Jan. 6th occurred during their last conjunction of these 2 planets, so that energy is re-invigorated.  We may well see some retribution or revenge in action from either side.  

My advice for all of you watching the events in the world, is to try to remain in mindfulness and serenity.  Most of us will feel agitation and unrest over the next week.  But this is part of the historical flow of events, so acceptance of the future, and the path we are following is part of our own role.  

This energy will unfold not just “out there” in the world, but within our private, home lives.  Focus on calm, centering, and compassion toward your neighbors, your Selves, and even those who are making you crazy right now!  Since there is so much Scorpio energy, it would be wise to be quiet and watchful right now.  People are likely to act out of jealousy and revenge, and to be sneaky about it, so do protect yourself.  Be in the now.  Don’t multi-task right now!  Be aware.  

Finally, the energy of the Eclipse lasts for about 6 months.  This is a long time to have such strong rumbling beneath our feet!  Keep in mind that the physical, emotional, and mental effects can increase over time.  This makes it even more important to stay in routines of meditation, exercise, and overall good health.  

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